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<font color=#010080>Bnei Ohr Tallit (Rainbow Stripes)</font>

Name: Bnei Ohr Tallit (Rainbow Stripes)

Model Number: ECS000107

Price: $0.00

Product Description

This Tallit can be made from acrylic or wool. MOQ on acrylic is only 1000 pieces. 
The Beney Or Tallit was designed in the mid-seventies by Rabbi Zalman Shlomi Schechter, who expressed the colors of creation, by means of the rainbow colors of the prayer shawl and according to the holy book of the “Zohar”:
Purple: creation of light; Blue: creation of sea and sky; Green: creation of trees and grass; Yellow: suspension of the sun and moon in the sky; Pink: creation of cold blooded creatures, such as fish and other dwellers of the deep; Red: creation of all creatures, with Man at their head - “How great are your doings o Lord!”
The Beney Or Tallit is also available in other versions in shades of blue, light blue and purple.

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